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In “Secrets to Designing a Professional-Looking Book Cover” I share the essential elements and design strategies you need to create a great-looking book cover for your book. It’s not enough to write your book! Good enough is NOT good enough! Presentation is everything! Would you leave your baby naked, malnourished and alone? Of course not! So what does your book’s design SAY about your message, your brand and your reputation? It's the quickest way to communicate “FAIL” with your book! This guide will help...and it's FREE!

“Is Your Book’s Cover or Interior Design Killing Sales
and Preventing It From Reaching Its TRUE Potential?
Perhaps It’s Time for a REBOOT!...
From the Desk of Tony Laidig...

re: Is Your Book DOA?

In 1993 I began working for a major Christian Book Publisher as their head of book design. The PROBLEM was that I had never designed any books, much less magazines, ads or anything else that was now my responsibility. While I appreciated their faith in me, this was NOT a “fake it until you make it” scenario. Being self-taught, I discovered something VERY quickly about my design abilities...they sucked! Big time!

In hindsight I feel bad for the authors of those first designs I created. As I continued to design, I got better. I figured out what worked and what didn't, and it certainly wasn't without growing pains...LOTS of growing pains. To date I've designed around 600 book covers and hundreds of book interiors as well.

Over the course of my career (now over 25 years) I've seen some great design, but MUCH more bad design. And with the advent of self-publishing, certainly more bad than good. It's not that self-published authors can't produce good designs, it's that, very often, they're missing some basic fundamentals that would take their books from horrible to spectacular!
(Guided) Practice Makes Perfect...
It's NOT your fault that your book could have limiting design issues. As a matter of fact, I applaud you for putting in the time and effort for creating and publishing your book(s). MY goal is to simply help you improve on what you've created to make it 100's of times better...and it's not as difficult as you might think!

You don't know what you don't know...THAT is why it's not your fault!

The mistakes I see that hurt a book's performance boil down to a few simple things:
  • The Wrong Title:​Authors tend to fall in love with their idea of a title (based on the book's content) without considering other options that may make more sense. A simple (but little known) exercise can 10X your title idea.
  • The Wrong Illustration:​This is a biggie. You have a few seconds to capture your buyer's attention and using the wrong photo can kill your sale before it even becomes a consideration. Imagine a simple method that helps you NAIL your illustration choice every time!
  • The Wrong Fonts: This can be an issue for BOTH the book's cover AND interior design. Getting it right isn't just about following design rules. A simple shift in how you THINK about your font choices can make ALL the difference in the world.
  • Derailed Design Experiments: When designing a book cover or interior, it's a huge mistake to take design risks willy nilly. If you don't know what you're doing, they stand out like a HUGE mistake. When you understand the WHY behind adding design elements, it will shift everything you design for the better.
Each of these four mistakes can seem insurmountable when, in realty, can be fixed with a simple reboot in your designs. 
That's Why I’m Excited to Tell You About...
“Book Design Reboot”
In this brand-new, 3-Module LIVE-Taught training being taught by Design Expert, Tony Laidig, you will discover everything you need to REBOOT your book's cover AND interior, including:
  • Module One: Covers...
       • Simple design tweaks that can have lasting, positive effects on your book sales.
       • Designs that maximize the success of your book series.
       • The simple secret to choosing the perfect cover image every time!
       • Fontpocalypse and how to avoid it.
       • Why your title may be killing your sales (and how to fix it).
       • And Much More!
  • Module Two: Interiors...
       • The readability conundrum.
       • Marginalizing layout mistakes.
       • Using callouts, quotes and other attention-getters the RIGHT way.
       • The 3 mistakes that scream “AMATEUR” (and how to avoid them).
       • And Much More!
  • Module Three: Special Book Reboots...
       • How to move from normal to spectacular journal interiors.
       • Why (multiple) sizes matter.
       • Textured backgrounds and interior graphics – great idea or a disaster waiting to happen?
       • Artsy overhauls and the user experience.
       • And Much More!
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This awesome, introductory training series is the perfect companion to “Book Design Reboot” and includes:

   • Module 1: Content for Your Book.
   • Module 2: Your Book Interior.
   • Module 3: Formatting for Kindle.
   • Module 4: Designing Your Cover.
   • Module 5: Publishing Checklist, Part 1.
   • Module 6: Publishing Checklist, Part 2.
   • Bonus #1: 7th Module Featuring a Book Publishing Q&A!
   • Bonus #2: Live-Taught Training - “The Latest Publishing Options Now”
You Will Watch Over-My-Shoulder as I Design These Four Book Covers (and Others) From Scratch During the Training.
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